Intuitive Eating for GI conditions – Epicured


We all have heard the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but what if we told you lunch is just as important? 


While a hearty breakfast is essential for waking up your body and kickstarting your metabolism, eating a nutritious lunch is just as crucial for keeping you fueled up for the rest of your afternoon. 


Have you ever shown up for work and realized you forgot to pack a lunch? Well, if you have, then you know the afternoon can really drag on. Being productive turns into a fighting task when all you can think about is when you will have your next meal. Especially if you are someone who struggles with a gastrointestinal disease because tracking down a safe, nutritious meal can be a hassle. 

The struggle to find a meal that will not trigger your GI symptoms leads to people skipping lunch completely. However, a major tip from clinicians is to “Honor your hunger.” Clinicians want to make sure their patients are eating enough throughout the day because: 

  1. The pattern of restricting and overeating can exacerbate GI symptoms. If you let yourself get too hungry, you will throw off your bodily cues and end up overeating, which puts your body in GI distress. 
  2. Your gut will not work as well if it is not adequately stimulated, nourished, and utilized. 


Luckily, Epicued has just released brand new lunch items!


 All of our new lunch items are made with low-FODMAP foods.  Moreover, the new sandwiches, wraps, and burritos are all made with gluten-free bread and wraps! These items are a perfect way for you to quickly complete your elimination diet and kickstart your health journey without feeling like you are compromising foods that you love! 

Be sure to utilize our made-to-order low FODMAP and gluten-free meal delivery service for your midday meal and reduce the habit of skipping lunch!