The Latest Low FODMAP Research


Every month, our culinary team reviews all of the ingredients on our menu for any recent updates in Monash University’s low FODMAP research to ensure that our meals remain low in FODMAPs. Currently, all of our dishes remain in compliance with Monash’s low FODMAP parameters. 

Below are some new foods that have just been tested by Monash & their recommended low FODMAP serving size:

Acai powder – 20 grams
Manchego Cheese – 40 grams
Monterey Jack Cheese – 40 grams
Queso Fresco – 40 grams
Brie – 40 grams
Dijon mustard – 23 grams
Pinto beans, cooked – 23 grams
Sumac – 2 grams
Habanero chili – 9 grams
Endive – 75 grams
Pickled Jalapeno – 15 grams
Dired oregano – 3 grams
Smoked paprika – 3 grams
Spirulina Powder – 8 grams
Sriracha hot chili sauce – 5 grams
Tomatillos (canned) – 75 grams
Pickled beets – “No FODMAPs were detected in this food” whereas fresh beets only have a tolerable amount of 20 grams. 

We will continue to update this blog post on a monthly basis with new findings so be sure to bookmark this link for easy access.