How to Successfully Navigate the Gluten-free Diet


Anne Roland Lee, EdD, RDN, LD provides her tips on how to successfully navigate the gluten-free diet.  


#1: Back to Basics Diets and trends will come and go – but the basics of good health remain the same. The principles of the Mediterranean diet remain a good place to start. Our daily intake should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish and poultry, and whole grains. Be sure to add multiple good sources of fiber, which is important for digestive health. Learn more about how Epicured makes a balanced Gluten-free diet easier. 

#2: Grains: the good, the unknown, and the delicious Grains offer great nutrition, but are often excluded from our diets due to the misconception that they only add calories. The truth is many grains offer great nutrition with amazing taste and versatility. Including some non-traditional grains like sorghum, millet or buckwheat can add a spark of flavor and nutrition to your day. A great place to learn more about grains and how to prepare them is in many vegetarian cookbooks as grains offer a good plant based source of protein. Also, if you haven’t tried buckwheat, give it a try in Epicured’s Roasted Spiced Carrot & Parsnip Buckwheat Bowl

#3: Balance While food and nutrition are my passion, it is important to remember that life is about balance. So, when we think of overall health, we need to remember it is more than just the food we eat. Each day we need to be mindful of including some time for physical activity, relaxation and mindfulness.

Anne gives her thoughts on the essentials of a healthy gluten-free diet and on the gluten-free diet “trend.”