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FODMAP your favorites: Acai Bowl


Every month, we look for changes to the Monash University low FODMAP guidelines to help you bolster your low FODMAP diet. Recently, the amazing and antioxidant-rich ingredient açaí was analyzed. It turns out, up to 20 grams of açaí powder is low in FODMAPs! So… we had to do a FODMAP Your Favorites Açaí Bowl! Essentially, a smoothie in a bowl that you can quickly throw together in a blender to enjoy sans cutlery for breakfast, a snack, or a gluten-free, low FODMAP, plant-based treat, anytime you want one.
Follow this simple recipe below to make your own low FODMAP, tropical smoothie bowl. 

1).  First combine 100 grams of frozen strawberries, 40 grams of frozen blueberries, and 40 grams of frozen raspberries in a blender.

2).  Then add 150 grams of lactose-free yogurt, 10 grams of açaí powder, and some water.

3).  Blend the açaí bowl ingredients until smooth.

4).  Pour your smoothie into a bowl and add your toppings! We added 2 grams coconut, 30 grams banana, 10 grams dark chocolate, 3 grams hemp, 3 grams chia seeds, and lastly 15 grams peanut butter.

You can try your own variations on this delicious smoothie bowl by substituting other exciting low FODMAP fruits such as dragon fruit (pitaya) or blackberries, adding protein powder, sweetening with maple syrup, or subbing a low FODMAP, dairy-free milk such as almond milk instead of water.

ENJOY your gluten-free, low FODMAP, antioxidant, tropical smoothie bowl!

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