Every month, we look for changes to the Monash University low FODMAP guidelines. Recently, the amazing, antioxidant-rich acai powder was analyzed and up to 20 grams is low in FODMAPs. So… we had to do a FODMAP Your Favorites Acai Bowl!

Follow this simple recipe below to try it for yourself.

First you combine 100 grams frozen strawberries, 40 grams frozen blueberries. Then you add 40 grams frozen raspberries and 150 grams of lactose free yogurt in a blender with 10 grams of açaí powder and some water.

Blend until smooth.

Then you add your toppings! We added 2 grams coconut, 30 grams banana, 10 grams dark chocolate, 3 grams hemp / 3 grams chia seeds and lastly 15 grams peanut butter 


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