Drew and his Hawker Lettuce Wraps!

Drew Powell plays Solomon Grundy in the superhero drama “Gotham” on FOX. He is two weeks into his Epicured experience. Let’s check in!


EPICURED: Drew, welcome to Epicured! How is week #2 going?

Drew Powell: Thanks so much… I have to say, I am feeling GREAT as I head into the middle of Week 2. I was anticipating being hungry while on this “Epicured Challenge”(as I’m calling it) but honestly, I have been SO satisfied with everything. The food tastes great and is easy to prepare and the snacks help for when I’m jonesing in between meals.


EPICURED: Do you have any favorite items?

Drew Powell: I know it sounds like I’m full of it, but I really have liked just about everything. I was surprised by how much I LOVED the Hawker Lettuce wraps. And the Chicken Alambre and Tacos Especiales are incredible. For breakfast I’m loving the cinnamon oatmeal and the Dragonfruit smoothies!


EPICURED: How are you feeling?

Drew Powell: I feel more energetic and have dropped several pounds. I had a feeling this would happen but was impressed by how FAST it happened.


EPICURED: You came to us through Don Saladino, our Fitness & Wellness expert and a renowned personal trainer. What are the goals of your training with Don? Are food choices an important component?

Drew Powell: What I love about Don is that he does not BS. He’s a straight shooter. So when I first started training with Don he told me that getting into shape was 80% about what I ate and 20% what we did in the gym. Especially because we initially had a 7 week window before I debuted as Grundy, what I ate was paramount to getting results fast. I did it on my own but could have done it a lot more easily and with much better options had I known about Epicured then!! Now that I’ve been working with Don for several months and feel good about the work I’m putting in in the gym, I really wanted to add the PROPER nutrition to see what the results would be.


EPICURED: I imagine that it can be pretty challenging for actors to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Between the travel and a hectic production schedule, it’s probably pretty tough to get into a routine. Is that true?

Drew Powell: “I act for free. They pay me to wait around!” I’ve heard that quote attributed to many different people but it’s very true! The waiting around often leads to grazing at the craft service table or piling on the food at the catering truck. With Epicured I’ve been able to “pack my lunch” which makes it so much easier to stay on track!


Beef Goulash = Grundy’s fav.

EPICURED: On Gotham, you play DC Comics villain Solomon Grundy. Very important Gotham-related question: If Grundy were an Epicured customer, what would his favorite dish be and why?

Drew Powell: HA! Well, Grundy could eat just about anything, but I reckon he’d like the Beef Goulash the best! 😉


EPICURED: Any parting words or shout-outs?

Drew Powell: Cant wait to see what’s next! Thanks so much….


Follow Drew’s journey at @realdrewpowell starting with a game of ‘what’s my snack?: