Epicured is a healthcare company that believes in the power of food as medicine. This is what we do…

Make food a celebration.

With our low FODMAP menu and digestion-focused product line, we are helping people with IBS & IBD completely change their relationship with food. What was once bland, stressful, and painful becomes delicious, simple, and joyful.

Prove how powerful food can be.

Thanks to our Michelin-star chefs, expert dietitians, and passionate network of like-minded clinicians, patients with digestive illnesses (IBD, IBS, Crohn’s Disease) are eating better than ever before.

Advance the role of food in healthcare.

We set the standard for collaboration between healthcare providers and food providers, making our culinary team an extension of the care team and the home a place of healing.


The Epicured Clinical Network is a group of doctors & dietitians that have made Epicured an extension of their care team. They come from health systems, private practices, academic centers, and wellness centers and are united by the belief that food is medicine.

As a Clinical Network Member, you get…

  • A Concierge Dietitian assigned to your practice to warmly receive patients you refer
  • Beautiful, educational print and digital materials, including our original “Low FODMAP Cheat Sheet”
  • Opportunities to collaborate on digital content, social media, and much, much more!

To join, contact our Clinical Affairs team! 

Carena Lowenthal, MS, RD, CHWC
Director, Clinical Affairs

Want to learn more?

Meet a few of our clinical network members: Gastroenterologist Edward Barbarito, Registered Dietitians Stefani Pappas & Martha McKittrick, and celebrity personal trainer Don Saladino


Credit: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured

Carena Lowenthal is a registered dietitian, certified health & wellness coach, and herself an IBS-sufferer. She works closely with members of Epicured’s Clinical Network to make sure that their patients have an excellent experience using Epicured to manage digestive illnesses.


By now you probably know about what a FODMAP elimination diet is. You avoid an extensive list of foods that are high in FODMAPs (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols). But once you take these all out for the 2-6 weeks usually recommended by a Registered Dietitian, then what?


This is a basic overview, not to take the place of a dietitian-supervised approach.  Because if you go through the work of doing the elimination, you might as well be assured you are re-introducing correctly. That said – there is a way, an order, and a method for monitoring symptoms that you need to know – and working with someone with expertise in this area, you are more likely to get to the root of the problem, identify the food group(s), then narrow down your specific intolerance(s).

A quick overview:
During the “testing phase”, you will re-introduce one food group at a time with a washout period in-between the groups. On day 1 of a food, you will have a smaller portion size (1/2 the general normal size portion).  Then on day 2, if you had no symptoms from day 1, you will have a full portion size of that food. Then you wait at least 2 days before starting the next food.
The typical test foods are:
  • Polyols (Sorbitol) – Blackberries
  • Polyols (Mannitol) – Mushrooms
  • Lactose – Regular Milk
  • Fructose – Honey
  • Fructans – Garlic
  • Fructans – Onions
  • Fructans – Bread
  • GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides) – Black Beans

Note: Portion size counts when you do the re-introduction. The sequence of foods that you reintroduce also matters in some cases. Finally, once you know the food group, it is possible to narrow down further your specific intolerance(s).


Credit: Ben Fink Productions

All of the fresh, delicious and healthy food from Epicured is 100% low FODMAP and gluten-free. So you can safely use Epicured while you are on the elimination diet.

This is a huge help for anyone – especially those that typically order in, eat out, don’t like to cook, and really anyone that just wants to have help with the restrictions. Then when you are doing the re-introduction, well you are still safe to use any of the Epicured meals or snacks. And finally, once you are back to your personalized diet plan, you can still use Epicured whenever you like. While eating low FODMAP all the time is not recommended once you’ve identified your triggers, it’s fine to supplement many of your meals with Epicured.


Try our Low FODMAP Cheat Sheet
This content is for informational purposes only and does not take the place of medical advice.

Credit: Stefani Pappas

EPICURED CLINICAL NETWORK MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Stefani Pappas, MS, RD, CDN, CPT, works as a Clinical Dietitian at St. Francis Hospital and also sees clients in her private practice in Great Neck, NY.

EPICURED: Welcome Stefani! To start, tell us a bit about your practice. What do you like to focus on as a dietitian? What about the work gets you most excited?

Stefani Pappas: My practice is called Stef Health Tips and is located in Great Neck, NY. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I am dedicated to leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and inspiring others to do the same. My approach encourages whole, natural, and real foods, but works with clients to incorporate their favorite foods into a balanced diet. I enjoy seeing my clients fall in love with a healthy lifestyle and become their very own nutrition expert!

EPICURED: From your Instagram, I can see you’re a passionate cross-fitter! What role does fitness play in your practice?

Stefani Pappas: I truly believe that good health requires a balance of nutrition and physical activity; you just can’t have one without the other in my book! I’ve always been passionate about fitness and how empowered it makes me feel. With my Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Training background, I’m able to create nutritious meal plans and “fitness prescriptions” for my clients. Sticking to a fitness regimen, even if it is just walking 30 minutes a few times a week, is a requirement to work with me!

EPICURED: Let’s talk FODMAPs! We first connected after you wrote a piece on the low FODMAP diet for Long Island Weekly. What inspired you to want to cover that topic?

Stefani Pappas: I work closely with Dr. Fred Gandolfo, a Gastroenterologist at Precision Digestive Care in Huntington, NY. We have collaborated on many different cases to show that proper nutrition and medical therapies can provide effective care to patients suffering from IBS and other GI diseases. Learning more about the low-FODMAP diet with my IBS clients inspired me to write the article! The diet is very specific but can be broken down into a simple, easy to understand way.


EPICURED: What is your experience with using the low FODMAP diet for IBS patients? What kinds of successes have you seen?

Stefani Pappas: I have seen tremendous improvements in symptoms of my patients with IBS on a low-FODMAP diet. The re-introduction phase is fun because you realize how passionate people are about their food! We are typically able to incorporate back some of my client’s favorite foods, but portion sizes play a key factor in regards to tolerance.

Epicured’s Vanilla Coconut Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding. Credit: Ben Fink Productions

EPICURED:Any favorites from the Epicured menu? Anything you’d like to see?

Stefani Pappas: I never liked chia seed pudding until I tried Epicured’s version- it is delicious! The Tikka Masala is another one of my favorites. I loved the dragon fruit smoothie and would like to see more smoothies on the menu.

EPICURED: How have you seen the RD’s role change or grow in treating medical conditions such as IBS (or diabetes, heart disease, etc.)? Do you feel this relate to a broader “food as medicine” movement happening in healthcare?

Stefani Pappas: I take great pride in my role as a Registered Dietitian, and I truly believe that nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. I think my passion for the field, as well as results with my clients, has shown an example to the healthcare professionals that I work with. I’m seeing more and more doctors and other healthcare providers taking interest in nutrition and its role in good health.

EPICURED: What else should our readers know about you? When you aren’t working, what do you like to do (hobbies, volunteer work, family)?

Stefani Pappas: I come from a big Greek family, and I’m extremely passionate about Mediterranean cooking. My family’s interest in the Mediterranean Diet is one of the main reasons why I became interested in pursing a career in nutrition. I love whipping up my Grandmother’s delicious Greek recipes that are packed with good nutrition and flavor!

Want to learn more?

Read: “What is the Low FODMAP Diet” from Long Island Weekly

Check Out: Stefani’s Website

Follow: @stefhealthtips on Instagram


Carena Lowenthal is a registered dietitian, certified health & wellness coach, and herself an IBS-sufferer. She works closely with members of Epicured’s Clinical Network to make sure that their patients have an excellent experience using Epicured to manage digestive illnesses.


ABOUT IBS AND THE LOW FODMAP DIET: If you are one of the 15-20% of the population with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and you haven’t heard of the low FODMAP diet, you are certainly not alone. I am a registered dietitian with a digestive issue and I only heard about it 5 years ago! The diet can be so valuable to people suffering from IBS, myself included, that I decided to take the elimination challenge and can now speak first-hand, about how life-changing this could be.

Let me start with what FODMAP stands for: Fermentable Oligo-, Di-, Mono-saccharides And Polyols.
FODMAPs are essentially a bunch of short-chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine and pass into the large intestines where there are fermented by the bacteria that live there. They may also pull water into the large intestine. Both of these actions may cause symptoms such as abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation.


The list of permitted foods is very specific. While certain foods will be easily identifiable, for others you will need to consult with a list to get started. You’ll typically begin with a strict “elimination” diet that usually lasts between 2 and 6 weeks.

Low FODMAP Turkey Meatballs with Basil & Pomodoro Sauce. Photo: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured. 

If you are feeling relief during the elimination phase, you can add back certain foods, with one of the FODMAP groups at a time, in small amounts, to see what you are most sensitive to. This I would recommend doing methodically with a registered dietitian. There is a good chance that after the challenge you may be able to add back and tolerate a certain amount of a food you are sensitive to in a given day, or at a particular meal, but this will vary with individuals. I will go through the dietary carbohydrates and some of the foods that contain them, but definitely consult with a complete list from a reliable source.


Fructose: a natural fruit sugar found in many fruits, honey, high-fructose corn syrup and agave can be a problem either due to the lack of an enzyme in the body or the ratio of glucose to fructose in a fruit. Fruits with a high glucose: fructose ratio are generally well tolerated, such as blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew and ripe bananas, but those with a high fructose: glucose ratio such as apples, watermelon and mangoes may not be.
Lactose: a carbohydrate found in dairy products can be a problem due to a partial or complete lack of the enzyme lactase which digests lactose. Foods such as cow’s milk, yogurt and ice cream are lactose containing foods.
Fructans: are carbohydrates that are completely malabsorbed because the intestine lacks an enzyme to break their fructose bond. Wheat accounts for most of people’s fructan intake, which can be found in breads, cereals, and pasta, but they can also be present in onions, garlic and other vegetables. This is not to be confused with Celiac Disease, or a gluten sensitivity which is related to the wheat protein, gluten.
Galactans: are carbohydrates that are also malabsorbed because the intestine does not have the enzyme to break them down. Beans, peas, and lentils are primary examples.
Polyols: also known as sugar alcohols, are found naturally in some fruits and vegetables and also added to sugar-free gum, mints, and cough drops. The names of some of these artificial sweeteners end in ol- like sorbitol, xylitol, mannitol, and malitol. Apples, pears, stone-fruits, mushrooms, and cauliflower would also be high sources of polyols.


It may seem like a lot of foods will be “off limits.” But keep in mind this is only during the elimination phase and hopefully you will be able to add back some of your favorite foods, or other versions of them.
More importantly, we are here to help you! Epicured’s Michelin-star chefs and registered dietitians have developed wonderful low FODMAP, digestion-friendly recipes for all of your favorites, like: Pad Thai, Tikka Masala, even chili! Our entire menu is even permitted during the elimination phase!


Download: The Monash University FODMAP App
Follow: @katescarlata on Instagram

Our delicious Autumn Salad has just the right amount of broccoli and brussels sprouts to be FODMAP-friendly.


Passover time can be a real dietary challenge for anyone following their centuries-old family traditions, but even moreso for people with IBS following a low FODMAP diet. Here’s how Epicured can help!

We have Passover-friendly (Kosher style, not Kosher) meals that will work with your body to help you feel good.  So, you can steer clear of the heavy, traditional dishes that you may normally give in to…

Here are some of my FAVORITES:

Zucchini “Spaghetti” Pomodoro
Hawker Lettuce Wraps with Chicken
Frittata Muffins with Tomato and Herbs
Dragonfruit or Coco Berry Smoothies

And for those of who are eating rice, beans, nuts, and seeds, you might like:

Thai Green Curry with Chicken, Tofu or Veggie
Tofu, Chicken or Beef Teriyaki Donburi
Tofu Tikki Masala
Veggie Tacos Especiales
Sesame Crusted Wild Salmon
Truffled Mac and Cheese
Pulled BBQ Chicken
Veggie Tortilla Soup
Warm Autumn Salad

Seared Lamb Medallions. Credit: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured


The Seared Lamb Medallions in delivery packaging.

In time for Easter and Passover, our low FODMAP Seared Lamb Medallions dish bring together tradition and diversity. Lamb is the perfect intersection of American, Mediterranean and Eastern European cultures. A wholesome, healthy and hearty meal, the lamb medallions are brushed with Mint Pesto, plated on a bed of Ratatouille, and served with a side of gluten-free Chive Mashed Potatoes.

Our Chef Chris & Chef Renee have even been able to add a hint of garlic using our house-made garlic-infused oil while keeping the dish low FODMAP. Of course, the mashed potatoes are dairy and lactose free.

Enjoy a liberating main course!

Zucchini “Spaghetti” Bolognese. Credit: Ben Fink Productions

If you love pasta… and who doesn’t… our Zucchini “Spaghetti” is the way to enjoy a great pasta experience without the carbs, gluten, FODMAPs or the food coma. Zucchini is easy to digest and worry free of complex carbs which are found in traditional pastas, grains and legumes.

We serve the gluten-free Zucchini with a choice of bolognese or pomodoro sauces… slow roasting our ripe tomatoes and using fresh basil, low FODMAP garlic-infused oil, herbs and spices.


Great snacks are essential to help you stay on track with your low FODMAP plan and we have an awesome assortment!


Chef @renee2c and Coach @donsaladino talking Energy Bites! With this new Epicured snack, low FODMAP & Gluten-free is just the beginning. These little Energy Bites are all-natural, raw, vegan, high protein and high fiber. They also have that perfect mix of healthy and decadent. – They’re great fuel for pre-workout. They’re also not bad when you’re sitting on the couch. 😀 – Tune in to our live feed TODAY at 3pm for more from these guys. – #foodasmedicine #getepicured #foodprescribedforyourlife #lowfodmap #fodmap #glutenfree #glutenfreenyc #selfcare #guthealth #ibs #crohns #celiac #colitis #antiinflammatory #dietitianapproved #dietitian #registereddietitian #nutritionist #gastroenterology #integrativemedicine #functionalmedicine #nongmo #nopreservatives #naturalfood

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Epicured started using a new concierge program to help us connect more quickly and effectively with patients who can benefit from our low FODMAP & gluten-free meal service.

Here’s how it works:
Your practice sends us a very simple form via fax. The form is HIPAA compliant and goes directly to our team of concierge dietitians. They will follow up directly to help your patient understand the Epicured service and provide a helping hand.

What this means for you:
Well, you are a clinician, you are busy, you believe in Food as Medicine, or at least that the right foods can help you feel better. Complicated diets can be hard to comply with, but we’re here to make it simple. Not to mention, after your patients get delicious, feel-good meals from Michelin-star chefs delivered to their homes, you will be the hero!

With the NEW and unique Epicured Concierge Program, our “Concierge Dietitians” personally receive and manage new clients that are referred to us by our Clinical Network members.

This FREE concierge service ensures that when your patients look to Epicured for their low FODMAP solution, someone knowledgeable and considerate is always there to help them through the process. The program also provides a seamless hand-off between the healthcare provider (that’s you) and the food provider (that’s us).

What the Concierge Dietitian Does

As you probably know, the low FODMAP diet is very complex! Since we launched our low FODMAP menu in July 2016, we get the same kinds of questions time and time again…

Why do you use garlic-infused oils? How many grams of celery do you use? Which of your cheeses are lactose-free?”

Often times, when patients become Epicured clients, they still have lots of questions about low FODMAP. We’ve found that, by putting someone with expertise into a client service role, we can provide the best possible service and we can help you provide the best possible care.

Many clients also simply enjoy that personal touch. The Concierge Dietitian can take food orders, recommend meals, and put together a menu based on the client’s preferences.

How the Concierge Program works:

  • Once you enroll, we will give you a very simple patient referral form.
  • You send it to us via fax/efax.
  • The form is HIPAA compliant and goes directly to our team of Concierge Dietitians.
  • The concierge team will immediately follow up directly to help your patient understand the Epicured low FODMAP service and provide a helping hand throughout.

Managing a digestive illness is complicated. This is just one more way that we’re collaborating with doctors and dietitians to make it easier.

To enroll your practice in the concierge program, contact our Clinical Affairs team! 

Carena Lowenthal, MS, RD, CHWC
Director, Clinical Affairs


“Muscle & Fitness” Magazine: March 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that Don Saladino, “trainer to the stars” and EPICURED Advisory Board member graces the cover of “Muscle and Fitness” this month!

We definitely can’t promise you Epicured will get you into Saladino shape, but we’re proud that our prepared meals are Don’s way of “cheating clean.”

Want to learn more?

Read: “Fitness Expert Don Saladino Joins the Epicured Team”
Follow: @donsaladino on Instagram


Drew and his Hawker Lettuce Wraps!

Drew Powell plays Solomon Grundy in the superhero drama “Gotham” on FOX. Powell got in shape for his Gotham role by training with Don Saladino, and is two weeks into his Epicured experience. Let’s check in!

EPICURED: Drew, welcome to Epicured! How is week #2 going?

Drew Powell: Thanks so much… I have to say, I am feeling GREAT as I head into the middle of Week 2. I was anticipating being hungry while on this “Epicured Challenge”(as I’m calling it) but honestly, I have been SO satisfied with everything. The food tastes great and is easy to prepare and the snacks help for when I’m jonesing in between meals.



What’s our most popular dish?

Is it…

Truffled Mac & Cheese

Three-Spice Turkey Chili

Pad Thai with Shrimp

The answer, in a moment…

We Were Highlighted in “The Observer!” Here’s a Taste:

On any given night as friends and family gather to break bread, it’s predictable that at least one person sitting at the table will announce a dietary restriction.
“No thanks, I’m gluten-free.”
“None for me. I have I.B.S.”
“Sorry, I’m vegan.”

With two in every five people in the U.S. afflicted by a GI disorder such as I.B.S., Crohn’s, colitis, celiac, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, answering the question “What’s for dinner?” has never been more complicated.

Enter Richard Bennett and Renee Cherkezian, the cofounders of Epicured, a New York-based health care company that designs and delivers gourmet food solutions for people with chronic disease. But unlike other services, Epicured offers digestion-friendly, non-G.M.O. menus free of hormones, preservatives and antibiotics and gluten. All their meals features foods on the F.O.D.M.A.P. diet—a protocol developed at Monash University that has been clinically shown to have a positive impact on people who suffer from I.B.S.—and 25 percent of Epicured’s menu is diabetic-friendly. But if you’re envisioning a Blue Apron-like situation where everything is D.I.Y., you’re wrong. Epicured comes prepared. It’s like seamless—but where every choice suits your dietary needs…

Our most popular dish… Did you guess?

It’s our Three-Spice Turkey Chili!

Epicured’s low FODMAP Three-Spice Turkey Chili

A few of our secrets…

  • We use turkey from Koch’s Turkey Farm in PA. It’s certified humane, organic, and non-GMO. They have an all-natural feed mill to cut out any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, animal by-products.
  • Of course, chili typically contains onions, but not ours! We avoid using onions because they contain oligosaccharides that are not easily digested by people with IBS. Instead use the green tops of scallions, in order to provide that crisp onion bite without the hard-to-digest sugars!
  • We provide cheddar as a garnish for our turkey chili. Cheddar is an aged cheese. That means it has undergone an aging process where the lactose sugars have been converted to a much easier digested lactic acid.

Haven’t tried it yet?


EPICURED is announcing a third expansion of its home delivery service. Following New York, Long Island, Westchester, and Northern New Jersey, Epicured will now be available to the 950,000 residents of Fairfield County Connecticut.

Residents of Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury and Greenwich will now be able to receive fresh deliveries of low FODMAP & gluten-free food. Ordering can be done online by going at epicured.com or by phone.


The U.S. consumer is getting smarter about food choices all the time, but we still have a long way to go., and the promise of a healthy life depends on us getting there. Our goal is to continually make Epicured available to those in need of dietary relief.”


Country Cinnamon Oatmeal with Maple-Glazed Pecans. PHOTO: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured

Your EPICURED DAY begins with a delicious way to fuel up! Our oatmeal has a sweet creamy flavor with sweet crunchy pecans. It’s the result of using light coconut milk with cinnamon. And we only use Country Choice Gluten Free USDA Organic Oats. With more than 19 vitamins and minerals the dish is rich in antioxidants and high in fiber. Rich in magnesium it has many anti-inflammatory benefits.

Epicured’s new low FODMAP Tortilla Soup. PHOTO: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured.

Our Tortilla Soup has what you love (and probably miss) about Mexican Food… A variety of flavors, colors and textures… a bit of smokey chili flavor in a red tomato base, off set by sweet yellow corn and bright chopped cilantro. This dish is low FODMAP safe! We’ve chosen specific ingredients in measured quantities that abide by LOW FODMAP guidelines.

Turkey Meatballs with Basil & Pomodoro Sauce. Photo: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured.

Turkey Meatballs – the healthy “go-to” winter dish. Comforting, low FODMAP, and nutritious… high in protein and low in carbs. Our turkey is amazing, certified humane, certified organic and certified non-GMO. The turkeys are fed with an all-natural mill, no synthetic herbicides/pesticides or animal by-products.


New Epicured Energy Bites. PHOTO: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured.

Finally an energy bite that is truly nutritious! Try our Cranberry Almond or Peanut Butter and Chocolate Energy Bites. The guilt-free, low FODMAP alternative to chips/pretzels & muffins.

Epicured smoothies – now available in mini 8oz bottles. PHOTO: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured.

Two of our newest smoothies… Dragon Fruit Antioxidant with dragon fruits raspberries, strawberries and blueberries mixed into creamy coconut milk, vanilla hemp milk, ginger juice and maple syrup. AND a Coco Berry Smoothie, with tropical creamy coconut milk meets the power blend of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & pineapple with pure maple syrup and fresh ginger juice.

Epicured’s low FODMAP Super Trail Mix

You’ll never find a better tasting or healthier trail mix! With Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pecans, Coconut flakes and Napa Valley wine raisins. A unique blend of delicious and healthy.

CabernayZyns on the vine. Courtesy of Wine Rayzyns.

Can we brag about our Raisins please?

Wine Rayzyns are hand-harvested in California at their peak and then specially dried on the vine with their nutty, crunchy seeds intact. A small portion of each wine grame’s edible stem is left on each raisin acting as nature’s cork, locking in and preserving the amazing flavor, nutrients, antioxidants and health benefits.


Some of our favorites! Photo: Ben Fink Productions

For those of you keeping count that means EPICURED is now offering 35 delectable low FODMAP dishes including breakfast, snacks and sides. Something for everyone!



Don gets some cooking pointers from Epicured Executive Chef Chris Cortez.

FINALLY…Nationally known “trainer to the stars” and wellness expert Don Saladino has joined EPICURED’s Advisory Board and will also serve as a brand ambassador for the service.

Don is regularly featured in mens health magazines and media and he famously created the “suit up” workout regimen to train actors playing superheroes. His client list is filled with professional athletes and celebrities, including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber, and more.

Don serves as a brand ambassador for other top health brands: Garden of Life organic supplements, Fitner mobile platform, and Greyson Clothiers. Additionally, he serves on the board of the Don Monti Memorial Research Cancer Foundation.


“I always tell my clients that the food they put into their bodies matters more than anything we do in the gym, so having a food delivery partner like Epicured really enhances what I’m able to accomplish with clients.”

Don will collaborate with Epicured chefs on new recipes and products, and, more importantly, he will collaborate closely with Chef Renee & Chef Chris to educate on how health, nutrition, fitness, and cooking all come together.


Drew and his Hawker Lettuce Wraps!

Drew Powell plays Solomon Grundy in the superhero drama “Gotham” on FOX. He is two weeks into his Epicured experience. Let’s check in!


EPICURED: Drew, welcome to Epicured! How is week #2 going?

Drew Powell: Thanks so much… I have to say, I am feeling GREAT as I head into the middle of Week 2. I was anticipating being hungry while on this “Epicured Challenge”(as I’m calling it) but honestly, I have been SO satisfied with everything. The food tastes great and is easy to prepare and the snacks help for when I’m jonesing in between meals.


EPICURED: Do you have any favorite items?

Drew Powell: I know it sounds like I’m full of it, but I really have liked just about everything. I was surprised by how much I LOVED the Hawker Lettuce wraps. And the Chicken Alambre and Tacos Especiales are incredible. For breakfast I’m loving the cinnamon oatmeal and the Dragonfruit smoothies!


EPICURED: How are you feeling?

Drew Powell: I feel more energetic and have dropped several pounds. I had a feeling this would happen but was impressed by how FAST it happened.


EPICURED: You came to us through Don Saladino, our Fitness & Wellness expert and a renowned personal trainer. What are the goals of your training with Don? Are food choices an important component?

Drew Powell: What I love about Don is that he does not BS. He’s a straight shooter. So when I first started training with Don he told me that getting into shape was 80% about what I ate and 20% what we did in the gym. Especially because we initially had a 7 week window before I debuted as Grundy, what I ate was paramount to getting results fast. I did it on my own but could have done it a lot more easily and with much better options had I known about Epicured then!! Now that I’ve been working with Don for several months and feel good about the work I’m putting in in the gym, I really wanted to add the PROPER nutrition to see what the results would be.


EPICURED: I imagine that it can be pretty challenging for actors to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Between the travel and a hectic production schedule, it’s probably pretty tough to get into a routine. Is that true?

Drew Powell: “I act for free. They pay me to wait around!” I’ve heard that quote attributed to many different people but it’s very true! The waiting around often leads to grazing at the craft service table or piling on the food at the catering truck. With Epicured I’ve been able to “pack my lunch” which makes it so much easier to stay on track!


Beef Goulash = Grundy’s fav.

EPICURED: On Gotham, you play DC Comics villain Solomon Grundy. Very important Gotham-related question: If Grundy were an Epicured customer, what would his favorite dish be and why?

Drew Powell: HA! Well, Grundy could eat just about anything, but I reckon he’d like the Beef Goulash the best! 😉


EPICURED: Any parting words or shout-outs?

Drew Powell: Cant wait to see what’s next! Thanks so much….


Follow Drew’s journey at @realdrewpowell starting with a game of ‘what’s my snack?: