With the NEW and unique Epicured Concierge Program, our “Concierge Dietitians” personally receive and manage new clients that are referred to us by our Clinical Network members.

This FREE concierge service ensures that when your patients look to Epicured for their low FODMAP solution, someone knowledgeable and considerate is always there to help them through the process. The program also provides a seamless hand-off between the healthcare provider (that’s you) and the food provider (that’s us).

What the Concierge Dietitian Does

As you probably know, the low FODMAP diet is very complex! Since we launched our low FODMAP menu in July 2016, we get the same kinds of questions time and time again…

Why do you use garlic-infused oils? How many grams of celery do you use? Which of your cheeses are lactose-free?”

Often times, when patients become Epicured clients, they still have lots of questions about low FODMAP. We’ve found that, by putting someone with expertise into a client service role, we can provide the best possible service and we can help you provide the best possible care.

Many clients also simply enjoy that personal touch. The Concierge Dietitian can take food orders, recommend meals, and put together a menu based on the client’s preferences.

How the Concierge Program works:

  • Once you enroll, we will give you a very simple patient referral form.
  • You send it to us via fax/efax.
  • The form is HIPAA compliant and goes directly to our team of Concierge Dietitians.
  • The concierge team will immediately follow up directly to help your patient understand the Epicured low FODMAP service and provide a helping hand throughout.

Managing a digestive illness is complicated. This is just one more way that we’re collaborating with doctors and dietitians to make it easier.

To enroll your practice in the concierge program, contact our Clinical Affairs team! 

Carena Lowenthal, MS, RD, CHWC
Director, Clinical Affairs