“Muscle & Fitness” Magazine: March 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that Don Saladino, “trainer to the stars” and EPICURED Advisory Board member graces the cover of “Muscle and Fitness” this month!

We definitely can’t promise you Epicured will get you into Saladino shape, but we’re proud that our prepared meals are Don’s way of “cheating clean.”

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Read: “Fitness Expert Don Saladino Joins the Epicured Team”
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Drew and his Hawker Lettuce Wraps!

Drew Powell plays Solomon Grundy in the superhero drama “Gotham” on FOX. Powell got in shape for his Gotham role by training with Don Saladino, and is two weeks into his Epicured experience. Let’s check in!

EPICURED: Drew, welcome to Epicured! How is week #2 going?

Drew Powell: Thanks so much… I have to say, I am feeling GREAT as I head into the middle of Week 2. I was anticipating being hungry while on this “Epicured Challenge”(as I’m calling it) but honestly, I have been SO satisfied with everything. The food tastes great and is easy to prepare and the snacks help for when I’m jonesing in between meals.



What’s our most popular dish?

Is it…

Truffled Mac & Cheese

Three-Spice Turkey Chili

Pad Thai with Shrimp

The answer, in a moment…

We Were Highlighted in “The Observer!” Here’s a Taste:

On any given night as friends and family gather to break bread, it’s predictable that at least one person sitting at the table will announce a dietary restriction.
“No thanks, I’m gluten-free.”
“None for me. I have I.B.S.”
“Sorry, I’m vegan.”

With two in every five people in the U.S. afflicted by a GI disorder such as I.B.S., Crohn’s, colitis, celiac, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, answering the question “What’s for dinner?” has never been more complicated.

Enter Richard Bennett and Renee Cherkezian, the cofounders of Epicured, a New York-based health care company that designs and delivers gourmet food solutions for people with chronic disease. But unlike other services, Epicured offers digestion-friendly, non-G.M.O. menus free of hormones, preservatives and antibiotics and gluten. All their meals features foods on the F.O.D.M.A.P. diet—a protocol developed at Monash University that has been clinically shown to have a positive impact on people who suffer from I.B.S.—and 25 percent of Epicured’s menu is diabetic-friendly. But if you’re envisioning a Blue Apron-like situation where everything is D.I.Y., you’re wrong. Epicured comes prepared. It’s like seamless—but where every choice suits your dietary needs…

Our most popular dish… Did you guess?

It’s our Three-Spice Turkey Chili!

Epicured’s low FODMAP Three-Spice Turkey Chili

A few of our secrets…

  • We use turkey from Koch’s Turkey Farm in PA. It’s certified humane, organic, and non-GMO. They have an all-natural feed mill to cut out any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, animal by-products.
  • Of course, chili typically contains onions, but not ours! We avoid using onions because they contain oligosaccharides that are not easily digested by people with IBS. Instead use the green tops of scallions, in order to provide that crisp onion bite without the hard-to-digest sugars!
  • We provide cheddar as a garnish for our turkey chili. Cheddar is an aged cheese. That means it has undergone an aging process where the lactose sugars have been converted to a much easier digested lactic acid.

Haven’t tried it yet?

“Trainer to the stars” has joined EPICURED’s Advisory Board and will serve as a prevention authority and brand ambassador.

Don gets some cooking pointers from Epicured Executive Chef Chris Cortez.


Don Saladino is the personal trainer for many professional athletes and celebrities, with a client list that includes Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber and more. He created his own “suit up” workout regimen just for training actors getting ready to play superheroes.

He is regularly featured in health magazines and media and he serves on the board of the Don Monti Memorial Research Cancer Foundation.

With 20+ years experience in fitness, Don understands health and wellness and the role food plays. With Epicured, he gets to learn directly from the team the science behind our “food as medicine” mission. Hear his perspective on joining the team:

Don reflects on his first visit to the Epicured kitchen with CEO Rich Bennett.


Epicured is currently the food providers of choice at Don’s fitness center, Drive495. Epicured meals are available to be purchased and either carried out or enjoyed in the café area alongside the fitness staff.

“I always tell my clients that the food they put into their bodies matters more than anything we do in the gym, so having a food delivery partner like Epicured really enhances what I’m able to accomplish with clients.”

The very first look at the very first “Epicured Fridge” at Drive495. Photo credit: @donsaladino

Having the food on-site helps Saladino and the Drive 495 create a health community where trainers, members, and even Epicured chefs and gather, help one another, and enjoy.

Don is working with the Epicured culinary team to create a series of video content Epicured product launches, recipes & cooking demos, and food science lessons. He will soon begin to collaborate with Epicured chefs and dietitians on new recipes and products, including multiple lines of clinically-approved, fitness-oriented foods.

For fitness tips and insights from Don (and an occasional appearance from an Epicured chef), follow him at @donsaladino.