The Superfood Smoothie

Our brand new Cacao Almond Smoothie is not only super-delicious, but it’s also an antioxidant powerhouse! It’s a creamy, protein- rich blend of almond butter, GF rolled-oats, bananas, cacao, almond milk, sea salt, cinnamon, cardamom, and cayenne pepper. Cacao has traditionally been regarded as a superfood with real, powerful health benefits including: natural stress reducer, energy enhancer, and immunity booster.

The Ancient Mayans and Aztecs used chocolate for spiritual and ceremonial purposes as well. Cacao is known to awaken the creative senses as well as assist us on our inner journey to love and enlightenment. Raw, organic cacao has over 40 times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries! We use Navitas Organic Cacao, a rare species from Peru that is more complex in flavor and nutrition. The beans are carefully selected from small-scale farmers in the heart of Peru’s forest. The flavors will surely delight!

My Culinary Journey!

My travels do not just encompass an exploration of new places and people, but also serve as a personal culinary journey. I recently attended a Mayan Cacao Ceremony in Tulum, Mexico, led by Shaman Nathalia. She guided us though the steps of this ancient ceremony, which is intended to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. Cacao is believed to rebalance energy and to open the heart. As we silently sat around the cacao ceremonial table, Natalia roasted the cacao pods, peeled them and ground them. She mixed the paste with water, cardamom and sugar and then vigorously whisked them, over heat, using a molinillo until froth formed. She blessed the cacao mixture before serving it to everyone. I was in heaven!

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