Seared Lamb Medallions. Credit: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured


The Seared Lamb Medallions in delivery packaging.

In time for Easter and Passover, our low FODMAP Seared Lamb Medallions dish bring together tradition and diversity. Lamb is the perfect intersection of American, Mediterranean and Eastern European cultures. A wholesome, healthy and hearty meal, the lamb medallions are brushed with Mint Pesto, plated on a bed of Ratatouille, and served with a side of gluten-free Chive Mashed Potatoes.

Our Chef Chris & Chef Renee have even been able to add a hint of garlic using our house-made garlic-infused oil while keeping the dish low FODMAP. Of course, the mashed potatoes are dairy and lactose free.

Enjoy a liberating main course!

Zucchini “Spaghetti” Bolognese. Credit: Ben Fink Productions

If you love pasta… and who doesn’t… our Zucchini “Spaghetti” is the way to enjoy a great pasta experience without the carbs, gluten, FODMAPs or the food coma. Zucchini is easy to digest and worry free of complex carbs which are found in traditional pastas, grains and legumes.

We serve the gluten-free Zucchini with a choice of bolognese or pomodoro sauces… slow roasting our ripe tomatoes and using fresh basil, low FODMAP garlic-infused oil, herbs and spices.


Great snacks are essential to help you stay on track with your low FODMAP plan and we have an awesome assortment!


Chef @renee2c and Coach @donsaladino talking Energy Bites! With this new Epicured snack, low FODMAP & Gluten-free is just the beginning. These little Energy Bites are all-natural, raw, vegan, high protein and high fiber. They also have that perfect mix of healthy and decadent. – They’re great fuel for pre-workout. They’re also not bad when you’re sitting on the couch. 😀 – Tune in to our live feed TODAY at 3pm for more from these guys. – #foodasmedicine #getepicured #foodprescribedforyourlife #lowfodmap #fodmap #glutenfree #glutenfreenyc #selfcare #guthealth #ibs #crohns #celiac #colitis #antiinflammatory #dietitianapproved #dietitian #registereddietitian #nutritionist #gastroenterology #integrativemedicine #functionalmedicine #nongmo #nopreservatives #naturalfood

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Epicured started using a new concierge program to help us connect more quickly and effectively with patients who can benefit from our low FODMAP & gluten-free meal service.

Here’s how it works:
Your practice sends us a very simple form via fax. The form is HIPAA compliant and goes directly to our team of concierge dietitians. They will follow up directly to help your patient understand the Epicured service and provide a helping hand.

What this means for you:
Well, you are a clinician, you are busy, you believe in Food as Medicine, or at least that the right foods can help you feel better. Complicated diets can be hard to comply with, but we’re here to make it simple. Not to mention, after your patients get delicious, feel-good meals from Michelin-star chefs delivered to their homes, you will be the hero!

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