EPICURED is announcing a third expansion of its home delivery service. Following New York, Long Island, Westchester, and Northern New Jersey, Epicured will now be available to the 950,000 residents of Fairfield County Connecticut.

Residents of Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Danbury and Greenwich will now be able to receive fresh deliveries of low FODMAP & gluten-free food. Ordering can be done online by going at epicured.com or by phone.


The U.S. consumer is getting smarter about food choices all the time, but we still have a long way to go., and the promise of a healthy life depends on us getting there. Our goal is to continually make Epicured available to those in need of dietary relief.”


Country Cinnamon Oatmeal with Maple-Glazed Pecans. PHOTO: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured

Your EPICURED DAY begins with a delicious way to fuel up! Our oatmeal has a sweet creamy flavor with sweet crunchy pecans. It’s the result of using light coconut milk with cinnamon. And we only use Country Choice Gluten Free USDA Organic Oats. With more than 19 vitamins and minerals the dish is rich in antioxidants and high in fiber. Rich in magnesium it has many anti-inflammatory benefits.

Epicured’s new low FODMAP Tortilla Soup. PHOTO: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured.

Our Tortilla Soup has what you love (and probably miss) about Mexican Food… A variety of flavors, colors and textures… a bit of smokey chili flavor in a red tomato base, off set by sweet yellow corn and bright chopped cilantro. This dish is low FODMAP safe! We’ve chosen specific ingredients in measured quantities that abide by LOW FODMAP guidelines.

Turkey Meatballs with Basil & Pomodoro Sauce. Photo: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured.

Turkey Meatballs – the healthy “go-to” winter dish. Comforting, low FODMAP, and nutritious… high in protein and low in carbs. Our turkey is amazing, certified humane, certified organic and certified non-GMO. The turkeys are fed with an all-natural mill, no synthetic herbicides/pesticides or animal by-products.


New Epicured Energy Bites. PHOTO: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured.

Finally an energy bite that is truly nutritious! Try our Cranberry Almond or Peanut Butter and Chocolate Energy Bites. The guilt-free, low FODMAP alternative to chips/pretzels & muffins.

Epicured smoothies – now available in mini 8oz bottles. PHOTO: Ben Fink Productions for Epicured.

Two of our newest smoothies… Dragon Fruit Antioxidant with dragon fruits raspberries, strawberries and blueberries mixed into creamy coconut milk, vanilla hemp milk, ginger juice and maple syrup. AND a Coco Berry Smoothie, with tropical creamy coconut milk meets the power blend of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & pineapple with pure maple syrup and fresh ginger juice.

Epicured’s low FODMAP Super Trail Mix

You’ll never find a better tasting or healthier trail mix! With Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pecans, Coconut flakes and Napa Valley wine raisins. A unique blend of delicious and healthy.

CabernayZyns on the vine. Courtesy of Wine Rayzyns.

Can we brag about our Raisins please?

Wine Rayzyns are hand-harvested in California at their peak and then specially dried on the vine with their nutty, crunchy seeds intact. A small portion of each wine grame’s edible stem is left on each raisin acting as nature’s cork, locking in and preserving the amazing flavor, nutrients, antioxidants and health benefits.


Some of our favorites! Photo: Ben Fink Productions

For those of you keeping count that means EPICURED is now offering 35 delectable low FODMAP dishes including breakfast, snacks and sides. Something for everyone!



Don gets some cooking pointers from Epicured Executive Chef Chris Cortez.

FINALLY…Nationally known “trainer to the stars” and wellness expert Don Saladino has joined EPICURED’s Advisory Board and will also serve as a brand ambassador for the service.

Don is regularly featured in mens health magazines and media and he famously created the “suit up” workout regimen to train actors playing superheroes. His client list is filled with professional athletes and celebrities, including Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber, and more.

Don serves as a brand ambassador for other top health brands: Garden of Life organic supplements, Fitner mobile platform, and Greyson Clothiers. Additionally, he serves on the board of the Don Monti Memorial Research Cancer Foundation.


“I always tell my clients that the food they put into their bodies matters more than anything we do in the gym, so having a food delivery partner like Epicured really enhances what I’m able to accomplish with clients.”

Don will collaborate with Epicured chefs on new recipes and products, and, more importantly, he will collaborate closely with Chef Renee & Chef Chris to educate on how health, nutrition, fitness, and cooking all come together.


Drew and his Hawker Lettuce Wraps!

Drew Powell plays Solomon Grundy in the superhero drama “Gotham” on FOX. He is two weeks into his Epicured experience. Let’s check in!


EPICURED: Drew, welcome to Epicured! How is week #2 going?

Drew Powell: Thanks so much… I have to say, I am feeling GREAT as I head into the middle of Week 2. I was anticipating being hungry while on this “Epicured Challenge”(as I’m calling it) but honestly, I have been SO satisfied with everything. The food tastes great and is easy to prepare and the snacks help for when I’m jonesing in between meals.


EPICURED: Do you have any favorite items?

Drew Powell: I know it sounds like I’m full of it, but I really have liked just about everything. I was surprised by how much I LOVED the Hawker Lettuce wraps. And the Chicken Alambre and Tacos Especiales are incredible. For breakfast I’m loving the cinnamon oatmeal and the Dragonfruit smoothies!


EPICURED: How are you feeling?

Drew Powell: I feel more energetic and have dropped several pounds. I had a feeling this would happen but was impressed by how FAST it happened.


EPICURED: You came to us through Don Saladino, our Fitness & Wellness expert and a renowned personal trainer. What are the goals of your training with Don? Are food choices an important component?

Drew Powell: What I love about Don is that he does not BS. He’s a straight shooter. So when I first started training with Don he told me that getting into shape was 80% about what I ate and 20% what we did in the gym. Especially because we initially had a 7 week window before I debuted as Grundy, what I ate was paramount to getting results fast. I did it on my own but could have done it a lot more easily and with much better options had I known about Epicured then!! Now that I’ve been working with Don for several months and feel good about the work I’m putting in in the gym, I really wanted to add the PROPER nutrition to see what the results would be.


EPICURED: I imagine that it can be pretty challenging for actors to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Between the travel and a hectic production schedule, it’s probably pretty tough to get into a routine. Is that true?

Drew Powell: “I act for free. They pay me to wait around!” I’ve heard that quote attributed to many different people but it’s very true! The waiting around often leads to grazing at the craft service table or piling on the food at the catering truck. With Epicured I’ve been able to “pack my lunch” which makes it so much easier to stay on track!


Beef Goulash = Grundy’s fav.

EPICURED: On Gotham, you play DC Comics villain Solomon Grundy. Very important Gotham-related question: If Grundy were an Epicured customer, what would his favorite dish be and why?

Drew Powell: HA! Well, Grundy could eat just about anything, but I reckon he’d like the Beef Goulash the best! 😉


EPICURED: Any parting words or shout-outs?

Drew Powell: Cant wait to see what’s next! Thanks so much….


Follow Drew’s journey at @realdrewpowell starting with a game of ‘what’s my snack?:

“Trainer to the stars” has joined EPICURED’s Advisory Board and will serve as a prevention authority and brand ambassador.

Don gets some cooking pointers from Epicured Executive Chef Chris Cortez.


Don Saladino is the personal trainer for many professional athletes and celebrities, with a client list that includes Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Liev Schreiber and more. He created his own “suit up” workout regimen just for training actors getting ready to play superheroes.

He is regularly featured in health magazines and media and he serves on the board of the Don Monti Memorial Research Cancer Foundation.

With 20+ years experience in fitness, Don understands health and wellness and the role food plays. With Epicured, he gets to learn directly from the team the science behind our “food as medicine” mission. Hear his perspective on joining the team:

Don reflects on his first visit to the Epicured kitchen with CEO Rich Bennett.


Epicured is currently the food providers of choice at Don’s fitness center, Drive495. Epicured meals are available to be purchased and either carried out or enjoyed in the café area alongside the fitness staff.

“I always tell my clients that the food they put into their bodies matters more than anything we do in the gym, so having a food delivery partner like Epicured really enhances what I’m able to accomplish with clients.”

The very first look at the very first “Epicured Fridge” at Drive495. Photo credit: @donsaladino

Having the food on-site helps Saladino and the Drive 495 create a health community where trainers, members, and even Epicured chefs and gather, help one another, and enjoy.

Don is working with the Epicured culinary team to create a series of video content Epicured product launches, recipes & cooking demos, and food science lessons. He will soon begin to collaborate with Epicured chefs and dietitians on new recipes and products, including multiple lines of clinically-approved, fitness-oriented foods.

For fitness tips and insights from Don (and an occasional appearance from an Epicured chef), follow him at @donsaladino.